Research: All About Underclothing

The things you never worried about knowing while reading Pride and Prejudice: Just what was Lizzie wearing underneath her gown?  I guess it would never signify, since occassion “on stage” never called for her to take off her gown.

Writing a romance novel set in the Regency era changes all those things you never wondered about.  If they are taking their clothes off, you have to know what they’ve got on underneath, right?

Some of my research:

Underclothing in the Regency Era

Regency Undress, Halfdress and Fulldress

Slideshow of Undergarments and Dress Progression


Underthings (C0rsets, Chemises, Petticoats, Drawers and Stockings)

Undergarments in the Ol’ Reliable Wikipedia

Progress of the Toilet

A Modern Perspective

Regency Undergarments

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